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Message Subject I love dogs but I dislike dog lovers. Logical?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have a Belgian Malinois I trained to guard my house and family. Dogs need a job and responsibilities. Women always think dogs are an ornament.

I was raking the lawn last Fall and Waffel (kids named her) was nipping at my shoes trying to play. I told her to lay down so she did over by a tree. 4 hours later after I had finished and gone inside I was like where the fuck is the Waffen and there she was still laying in the same spot. Waiting for me to release her.

She's a Schutzhund level K9. I plan to test for state recognition as a search and rescue dog but she needs a little more work.

Moral of the story is... Well I don't have a moral. I just wanted to talk about my dog.
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