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India says : ‘not scared’ if Monsanto leaves

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03/16/2016 01:54 PM
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India says : ‘not scared’ if Monsanto leaves
Oh.. the change is coming...

[link to timesofindia.indiatimes.com]
The Truth :

the truth is that it is very deflating, difficult to handle the truth. The truth is that we are all bullshitters. We only offer our perception of the truth. The ultimate truth in this universe is fluid, truth constantly updates to balance as the universe explores and learns! The Cosmic Origin and Source explores, experiences and learns ever so eternally and infinitely; the truth develops accordingly. It is hard to handle the truth!!!

In my previous cosmic school analogy, we are stuck. Unable to graduate because of all the other factors detailed as well as the " truth " factor. In our reality up to this point in time and space, our graduation in this timeline depends on balance. We will have to embrace our negatives and our positives to achieve balance in our universal journey of cosmic learning.

Do gooders, holy women and men, meditating Hindus and Taoists, compassionate Buddhists, devout Catholics uttering thousand Hail Marys, devout Muslims praying most ardently, loving citizens, etc ...do not be shocked if a tramp, rascal or vagabond in this reality graduate ahead of you! Why? He/she may have achieve balance in his/her universal journey! His/her positives in previous existences have totally balance up the current negatives. Do gooders, wise women/men, sages, philanthropists, etc may have too many positives without learning from negativity to balance up. One can also get done in by " conditional positivity ", positive traits with conditions attached.

Beware of " white shadows " as opposed to overt black shadows in your reality. OK, I do not want to go in circles; if you read sincerely with no preconceived prejudice you will see the " developing " truth. Then you will begin to be able to handle the truth.

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