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Atheist = A Theist .... Abrahma = A Brahma

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03/29/2016 01:46 AM
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Atheist = A Theist .... Abrahma = A Brahma
If the word ATHEIST (a non-believer in GOD) is broken down it means

(one) A
(a believer in GOD)

If the word
Abraham is broken down
it becomes
A Brahma (one Brahma)
Abrahma (NOT A brahman)

A user (abuser) of drugs is one who exploits nature and ppl

The bible states prostitutes must be STONED.

The bible says to NEVER TEST GOD
GOD is love
(never test love)
later it says TEST the spirits to see if they be of GOD=LOVE

IF THEY ARE of love/god
then this unforgivable sin of putting love to the test has been committed.