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I've written a book, ask me a question

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03/29/2016 04:13 PM
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Re: I've written a book, ask me a question
Some of the most interesting books and indeed people
I have ever met, just allowed you to see right deep down into their souls - all colors showing - to become them for a bit (even if via rabbit holes and dodgy worm holes), all of which doesn't need real semblance of order or punchlines or fancy hooks - for me at least - it just gives the reader that feeling of what it is to BE someone else and go through things they never were able to experience, or did not wish to ever HAVE to experience -

the same feeling I get when I pass someone on the street - ordinary looking, maybe even downtrodden and broken, and for a moment I feel the connection, their life and the canvas of color that makes their life seem so interesting compared to mine - sort of a spiritual/reincarnational flashback thing combined with being drunk and seeing everybody as your brother/sister.

Yeah start wherever not necessarily the beginning, just breathe some life into it as you do and it will live for others.

will keep an eye out for it

All the best.