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Message Subject 1981: Prediction from Movie, Dinner with Andre. Extremely Accurate and Recommended Watch
Poster Handle SilverSurfer
Post Content
I happened to watch that film just the other night, for the first time since it was originally released.

It stands the test of time fairly well, but it was one of those films that no one else that I knew of saw.

My taste in films as well as my taste in almost all things has always set me apart and made a freak out of me.

That scene is well selected because it makes the key point.

Our neighbors have become our jailers.

They vote for all the government programs that regulate us into a hole in the ground, and then they become the passive enforcers.

Whether it involves your job, your housing, your medical care, your food, or even your marriage, there are countless rules to comply with, and they will treat you like a cheater or a trouble maker if you try to slip past any of those rules.

They will complain that you are endangering their children if you don't get your children vaccinated. Although the truth is probably the opposite. Their vaccinated children pose the greater danger.

They will happily see you arrested for free speech.

There are countless examples.

You can't stop chemtrails or government lies, or flouride in the water, or GMOs, or false flags because they just don't care and won't vote for any candidate who wants to address those issues.

They will even shun you for mentioning them.

They become the problem.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 66031700

Pretty much. That is the message in the video for l sure.
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