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CRISPR CAS9 Tech doesn’t work on Complex DNA Traits (Looks like Human Genome)

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03/30/2016 08:40 PM

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CRISPR CAS9 Tech doesn’t work on Complex DNA Traits (Looks like Human Genome)
[link to www.albanydailystar.com]

CRISPR-CAS9 allows the inexpensive and accurate modification of human DNA in relation to biomedical research. However, an expert claims the technique may not work on the alteration of complex human traits such as intelligence.

Human Gene-Editing will step Humanity one more to future
Before diving into the science behind this new edition of CRISPR, let’s summarize what’s at stake: Imagine a world in which humans could see in four colors instead of three (red, green, and blue), could voluntarily turn off their sensations of pain, could feel rejuvenated after just three hours of sleep a night, possessed extraordinary capacities for oxygen intensive endurance activities, and had extra thick bones impervious to osteoporosis. While this may sound like a page out of X-Men, these are all traits contained within the storehouse of rare genetic mutations belonging to the human race.

And now that space is alive with ethical questions about what it means to edit genes. Chinese scientists have already edited genes in a human embryo, in what’s called a “germline modification.” Germline modifications are especially important, because whatever changes are made to the embryo are then heritable by that embryo’s future generations. It might be, as in the Sun Yat-sen University experiment, the elimination of a rare blood disorder. Or it could be an augmentation, like increased muscle fibre density. In this particular case, the researchers disposed of the embryos after their DNA had been altered, because the alteration produced a number of unintended mutations. (The res

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