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Ant-Man 2015 = Hu-Man Decoded!

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04/05/2016 03:41 PM
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Ant-Man 2015 = Hu-Man Decoded!
From this thread.
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 184)

I saw the movie "ant-man" last night. I suggest for you guys to watch this movie after you watch "selfless" and "the amazing spiderman".

"And, one day soon,
an army of Yellowjackets
will create a sustainable environment
of well-being around the world.(camera here shows earth being totally inhabited by yellow jackets.)
The Yellowjacket.
So, it's a suit?
Don't be crude, Frank.
It's not a suit, it's a vessel."

The yellowjacket apart that it symbolizes our human flesh/container when they showed the yellow jackets covering the whole globe and calling it an army i just noticed here the chinese symbolism of china taking over the world!
See also in movie tekken where china had taken over the united states!

Later they showed to our face what selfless showed to our face of the suit/vessel to be also our prison!

"-I'm starting to think that
you prefer the inside of a jail cell.
You can either spend
the rest of your life in prison
or go back to your cell(suit!)
and await further instructions."

Here they so put it to our face that this very suit they present to the masses as something awesome is actually a prison!!!

See also the "death or exile" game the lunar boss played on him here hahaha!

From "the amazing spiderman"

"Richard Parker wore it well.
On you, it's a cheap suit,
as it was then."

Wonder what the spiderman suit symbolizes?
The makers of spiderman give it away with spiderman venom and also with goblin where it shows the mind control and influence the suit/flesh has on our soul/consciousness!

From ant-man
"This is not who you are.
It's the particles altering
your brain chemistry."
(suit/flesh influencing our consciousness symbolism just like the goblin suit!)
Oh oh oh almost forgot to post this.
Particles? how about shapeshifting nanoparticles? hahaha!

Old guy symbolizing the lunar boss says:

-I use electromagnetic waves
to stimulate their olfactory nerve center.
I speak to them.
I can go anywhere, hear anything,
and see everything.
(Here i was like where i heard that before?
Riddick 2013 "santana/satan knows all sees all!" and i was like the old man forgot to say he "knows all" too and then look how clever his daughter said it for him hahaha!)
-And still know absolutely nothing.

By the way the bad guy/creator of suit of that movie in many parts of the movie was given away that he is actually the same person with the good old guy/creator of the other suit.

In one part was when he took the picture of the old guy's wife and was looking at it like it was his wife and then the old guy told him.

-All those years ago, you picked me.
What did you see?
-I saw myself.
-Then why did you push me away?
-Because I saw too much of myself.

Hollywood never forgets to follow protocol and that is to always make sure their good guy and bad guy to symbolize the same person and everybody who is shown in their movies to symbolize also the lunar boss in some way like all characters in a movie to be fragments of the lunar boss with the main 2 pieces of him to be the hero and the villain.

Some more things i remembered from antman.

"Hope. Look at me.
I'm expendable.
That's why I'm here.
You must have realized that by now.
I mean, it's why I'm in the suit
and you're not.
He would rather lose this fight
than lose you."

"-He's gonna lose the suit.
-He's gonna lose his life."

You guys should have no doubt now what this antman suit symbolises hahaha!

Oh and the technology that was shown that can shrink tanks,buildings etc into tiny capsules etc this exact technology has been shown in dragonballs cartoon from the 80s.
[link to dragonball.wikia.com]

Before some of you rush to say, it's fiction and no way this can be done in reality i wanna remind you just 18 years ago one of my teachers in school was asked if its possible what we see in cartoons where people speak to each other and see themselves too in big screens can be done in real life.

The teacher said it to be impossible and look how right he was, now we have skype and can see and talk to at the same time to anyone on this planet.

A small example to make some arrogant and ignorant noobs little hesitant before they hurry into saying something they might regret later.

From antman
"-And I spent the next 10 years
trying to learn all I could
about the quantum realm.
-You were trying to bring her back.
-But all I learned was we know nothing."

Where have i heard that before?
Apart that was first said by Socrates it was also said by an ex nasa scientist too.

From selfless=flesless/fleshless

-I am talking about a future
where the aged and infirm
can shed their prisons.
A future where...
Where the fate
of a healthy mind(consciousness)
is not determined by the fate
of a failing body(sick goblin/venom suit).

Some more interesting things from "antman" movie.

"Dialogue between lunar boss and soul prisoner"

-Scott, these are my associates.(containers puppets)
Is that a camera on an ant?(all containers are his eyes and ears, see also enders game)
-Yeah, sure. Why not?
-Where's the car?(/my container)
-No car. We've got wings.
Put your foot on the central node
and mount the thorax.(This reminded me in a sleep paralysis where i found myself/consciousness located in the thorax area like i was inside my lungs!)
- How safe is...(as safe as spiderman venom/smith/buu etc)
(later they show also these ants/containers can electrocute our soul! where there are reports that's how the soul loses its memories when it enters the body)
- Just get on the damn ant, Scott!
(This reminded me also in darksiders when lilith ordered an angel/soul to mount the seat of a dragon/container and take control)
Yank up to go up.
It's like a horse.
-You're throwing 247 off balance.
-Wait, his name is 247?
-He doesn't have a name,
he has a number, Scott.(names are numbers)
Do you have any idea
how many ants there are?
-Maybe it's... Maybe it's 248.
-No, no! Vertigo, vertigo!
-No, I think it's 247.
Hang on tight!
-I think
I'm getting the hang of this.
-I am controlling 247.(your container/flesh)
He is not listening to you.

-Can I make one little request?
-Stop, 247! Time out, time out.(lunar boss is 247 container subliminal/see agent smith/venom black goo container, so he makes his request at 247!)
Time out.
All right, hold on.
Just wait! Whoa!
What happens
if I throw up in this helmet?
-It's my helmet, Scott.
You do not throw up.
(See also his helmet in spiderman's suit)
Do those eyes look familiar?
[link to media1.santabanta.com]

User ID: 71883130
United States
04/05/2016 04:12 PM
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Re: Ant-Man 2015 = Hu-Man Decoded!
Almost forgot to post this.

Soul prisoner to lunar boss from antman movie.

-Why don't you wear the suit?
-You think I don't want to?
I can't.
I spent years wearing it,
and it took a toll on me

They showed him here being very old and the subliminal i think is of the succubus suit sucking soul/lifeforce energy so the more you wear it the older and weaker the soul becomes.

As it was shown in matrix humans/souls are battery/energy for the organic machines so the longer the battery remains in the machine/flesh the more it will get drained.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1932201
United States
04/07/2016 03:43 PM
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Re: Ant-Man 2015 = Hu-Man Decoded!
bump for moon truth

User ID: 71883130
United States
04/11/2016 01:38 PM
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Re: Ant-Man 2015 = Hu-Man Decoded!