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Crash Plan and Dropbox-2 wonderful backup and storage online services:)

Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina
User ID: 30091225
04/09/2016 05:17 PM
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Crash Plan and Dropbox-2 wonderful backup and storage online services:)
My dear friends,
Yesterday I had a scene from the film Idiocracy happening to me:)))

one girl from Softlayer called me to confirm my identity which was already on file...and she could not reach me on my phone:)
so she suspended all my 7 websites,..so I phoned them back at 3 AM in Romania yesterday night-day in America...

I had a long and interesting conversation with a guy,confirmed my address and last 4 digits of the credit card,transferred me to that girl,she asked me to hang up the phone so she can call me back
she called me back and she said that my identity is now confirmed and my 7 websites incluyding atlantia.online are now unsuspended:)))

so today I searched the net for some network/cloud:) storage services for my 55 GB backup of my 7 websites
just in case I cannot pay those 500 dollars to IBM on 27th...
I have found adrive.com which is nice...1 TB for 5 dollars per month,but the max file size is 16 GB

so I payed 10 dollars more per month for dropbox pro and I have now 1 TB at dropbox...really easy to put all my stuff on my local dropbox directory/folder which gets synced...
and also payed 5 dollars per month for Crash plan which is a wonderful service maintained by a nice blonde Atlantean girl who has some nice Linux videos on youtube

even if my previous subscription was dropped from lack of money...it allowed me (the software) to restore all my previously backed up and deleted files...
no limits here my friends and the speed is also good

interserver.net is also nice with 1 cent for the first month then 5 dollars per month for unlimited storage hosting,1 MB/sec transfer rate
but they refuse to upgrade the Mysql from version 5 to Maria DB version 10.1
which means that I can only use them as an uncertain backup solution since my 7 websites will not work there...