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Message Subject What is approaching us? Proof that Planet X is on it's way!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think this might be his scource. (It's linked on his site):

[link to www.thehorizonproject.com]

"NEWS UPDATE: 12.06.06
Defying NASA - We have a sister star?!
After years of science and explorations groups, including NASA, stating that we only have one star (our Sun), a shocking discovery has been made made. It seems that after all we are living in a binary system and our sister star has been hiding in secrecy as a brown dwarf (a dark star).

Episode 01 of The Horizon Project provided overwhelming evidence of past pole shifts and world catastrophes occurring in a cyclic nature which could occur from a handful of theories; one of which was the binary star theory. A scientist from NASA's Hubble Space Program directly addressed The Horizon Project stating that the size of outsize body with a gravitational influence to cause a pole shift would theoretically have to be the size of a large planet.

If our sister star orbits near our solar system in a cyclic nature (being the size of Jupiter and containing a tremendous gravitational pull) it would produce more than enough of a gravitational influence to cause world-wide catastrophes and geographical pole shifts - in addition to the effects caused by nearing or passing through the gravitational plain of the Milky Way galaxy will take place again within the next 5-15 years. "
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