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Message Subject What is approaching us? Proof that Planet X is on it's way!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I voted one star, Planet-X is nothing more than a dictional object a woman created to make money off of with a twist of aliens.

We all know there are several planets undiscovered. The bible and mayan history talk about Nibru as well. Could this be another twist of the previously mentioned? I think so. Pisses me off when people take credit for others work.

This thread has nothing to do with Nancy? Or Zeta talk, whoever brought them up? I didn't. This is Father Malachi Martin of the Vatican, this is a fact, it's not hearsay, he doesn't believe what he is saying about Planet X because he's a Zetatalk fan, He's believes it because the Vatican built Graham International Observatory and they are fucking looking at it. That is what he said.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 166243

You can't argue with an idiot, and don't worry about the star rating. It's worthless and should be removed because of posters like this. A person like this has his mind closed and can't even consider anything beyond his own experience.
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