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Message Subject What is approaching us? Proof that Planet X is on it's way!
Poster Handle chopel
Post Content
But I will say this, there is an "object" out there, which could be anyone of the above or all of them, that appears to be in the "infra-red spectrum", "which is approaching us".
What it is for the most part is not relevant, but that in its approach it appears it will destroy anywhere from 70% to 95% of humanity.....AND WE ARE HELPLESS AND KEPT UNINFORMED BY NASA AND TPTB, TO FEND FOR OURSELVES.
I could go on and on, but hopefully this clears it up, some what...........LEGION

Not when an object in our solar system, even if it is nothing
but visible in the infra-red, would still occult the stars
and be visible from the Earth. Especially if you want to claim
that it's bouncing around the inner solar system. It truly
is the Incredibly Invisible Pink Fairy Planet that Never Shows

It's a planet. No, it's a brown dwarf star that people
can live on the surface of. No, it's Mars or Venus going
out of it's orbit and then magically moving back to it!
It's even a comet! All at the same time!

It's all the above!, yet none of the above.
 Quoting: DrPostman

If the orbit of an object is perpendicular to the rest of the planets and the object reproaching from the south then it would not be seen until it begins to pass the ecliptic.
The ecliptic is inclined about 23 1/2° to the plane of the celestial equator;
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