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Message Subject What is approaching us? Proof that Planet X is on it's way!
Poster Handle Prof-Rabbit
Post Content
find/read an out of print book
'the earth-moon entity speaks'
natalia anna stansova
romanian gypsy who received messages
it describes a dark one who travels about in a hollowed out planetoid
it can cloak
it is returning
the earth will not 'flee'
she is too tired
she will stand her ground with the sun helping

american litery press
 Quoting: spacieiam 167486

You nearly got it right....

"from natalia anna stansova
'earth-moon entity speaks'

the earth used to be a star...she dreamed herself here to escape the dark one.
she found herself dense...but, in her loneliness, she created wonderful beings aboard her.
the dark one still roam and rape her."
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