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Message Subject FBI is an agency of cucks, cowards, sniveling chicken shits
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's WAY WORSE THAN YOU CAN FREAKING IMAGINE in Washington, DC. The city is chock full of traitors, foreign spies, military officer traitors, and topped off with FREAKING 60 YEARS of CIA drug importing into America from overseas. FREAKING NATO farms out the drugs into foreign countries, which results in a 800 BILLION dollar a year drug sales enterprise, and still the wimpy FBI sits around and does NOTHING. Yes, Hillary sold America down the river to the Russians when she gave or sold all of those tens of thousands of highly classified top secret NSA documents to them. But she sits as a textbook example of how the Elite can keep on trying to shove her email scandal under the rug and even try to get that witch elected FREAKING PRESIDENT!!! The FBI IS ALWAYS HAMSTRUNG BY POLITICS and the dictates of the Secret government. The last corrupt pol they put in prison was Rod Blagojevich, and the real reason that he was put in prison (Governors always sell Senate seats vacated by an elected president) was that he would not allow casino gambling to be established in Illinois.

The Federal Government is run by criminals, and the morale of the story in America with them is:

Do Good = Go To Prison (the hackers)
Do Evil (rig the 911 inside job) = keep your job, get promoted, get raises
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