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Message Subject FBI is an agency of cucks, cowards, sniveling chicken shits
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Federal Government is chock full of Pedophiles, and wild sex parties full little children from the CPS are organized regularly for the politicians, and still the FBI FREAKING DOES NOTHING!!!

The purpose of the FBI as a security agency is to protect the Federal Government from the public. The public have no such protection from the Federal government. Therefore the Elite can do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING through the Federal Government they want with impunity, meaning no prosecution and investigation and incarceration from the FBI and DoJ.

And here's MORE!!

Facts blocked by US government

Daniel Hopsicker actually covered much of this in his book "Welcome to Terrorland" and went into it deeper. but it's interesting to see this report which covers things a bit more in depth from the Saudi angle. The fact this report highlights: The White House, Justice Department and KGB...I mean FBI, ignored - and suppressed - this evidence. The U.S. Justice Department, the agency that supposedly investigated the attacks, refused comment, saying it will discuss only information already released.
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