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Message Subject FBI is an agency of cucks, cowards, sniveling chicken shits
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now we go on to the CRIME OF THE CENTURY ---> 911
And still FBI, where are you? How many Elite Criminals got tried and put in Federal Prison?!!!


9/11 was nothing if not a multi-purpose job.

* The fascists got to turn the US into a police state - and make a fortune in the process.

* The weapons makers got a super bonus.

* Dirt bag politicians who couldn't get re-elected as dog catchers got to pose as statesmen.

* Oil companies got to triple and more the price of a barrel of crude.

* Israel got the US war machine unleashed on its enemies and was granted further leave to savagely abuse the Palestinians whose lands they stole.

* Even the Twin Tower's owners got a break. The Twin Towers were packed with asbestos that made the buildings technically in violation of the building code. Abatement would have been financially impossible. 9/11 solved that problem.

* 9/11 also solved another problem. It made hundreds of employees of various brokerage houses who were privy to some massively dirty financial dealings disappear - permanently.

* The explosion at the Pentagon also eliminated some troublesome human resources problems: high level fraud investigators hot on the trail of a massive case.
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