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Message Subject FBI is an agency of cucks, cowards, sniveling chicken shits
Poster Handle Useless Cookie Eater
Post Content
Hillary Clinton is a felonious traitor and you do nothing. Thousands of illegal emails on HER OWN SERVER, you stupid fucks.

You're chickens, cucks and cowards.

Go sell poppys on poppy day and make yourselves useful, you chicken shits.
J. Edgar Hoover was a transvestite and YOU are a cuck, you chicken shits.



Where is John Wayne?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68653110

The Hillary investigation is not over yet.
The IT admin witness that the FBI gave immunity to is now suddenly taking the 5th and will not be speaking.
So the FBI will have to find another angle of approach.

It's FAR from over.
...minor setback.....someone in the Clinton camp got to him.
...maybe threatened his family.
The Clinton's have a long trail of bodies behind them.

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