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Message Subject They have taken over our Constitution via UCC and here is how they did it!
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Have you considered that our government was not the end state? That all of the republics and democracies were simply vehicles designed to destroy the monarchies that existed before them? This republic was just a stepping stone, for the Illuminati to use to implement the true end-state NWO. Look at the positioning of the U.N. and the cascading loss of national sovereignty. I think we are living in the last days of the republic and we'll witness the undoing of the USA. What do you think?
 Quoting: [email protected]

I believe that you are 100% on target, but it was NOT the intentions of the original founders.
While most of the founders were Freemasons, they still believed in a god, or the 'Great Architect'. They would not have given any credence to worshiping Molech and would have been against that. However, just as Christianity, they believed that they could not 'control' religion, as it is a personal choice.

We are most certainly in the 'end-times' of our nation. That can be witnessed with almost daily current events. One resent one is the fact of removing Hamilton and replacing with Tubman. This is clearly done, as part of the 'crashing' of the USD system. And they are prepared for that crash, because they have engineered it.

I have searched for years trying to put this all together. It was GLP that first got me to question but my own nature that lead me to search first for the conclusion. It is difficult to make conclusions, unless ones knows the history, so it has been a long trek.

However the good news is, I believe, America is finally waking up. No matter what one thinks about Trump, he is actually being beneficial in this manner.

I believe that 2016 is the year!
 Quoting: Ozark Granny

I share your appreciate for GLP. I'm not sure what led me here, but I have learned a ton through some of the discussions that have occurred here that spurred me on to do research of my own. One of the connections you mentioned goes much deeper than you may realize. Check out this video in the Know Your Enemy series about Freemasonry:

If you haven't see this series before...you might get hooked and it will certainly spur you on to investigate the American Revolution and it's predecessor the French Revolution and what was really going on behind the scenes.

I don't pray for the salvation of this nation...I pray for the salvation of individuals as they undergo the inevitable persecution and destruction that is coming.
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