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Message Subject They have taken over our Constitution via UCC and here is how they did it!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Constitution defines inherent rights of the people.
Therefore, government can only nullify itself by failing
to comply with it's definitions.

We are as free as we decide to be in America because we know
our rights are inherent, not granted by government.

That said, inherent rights carry the consequences of imprisonment and even death if exercised in some ways under
a nullified government.

That said, workarounds are definitely possible to ensure
Constitutional liberty in the United States as long as one
is not in the military, law enforcement, or government

At this point in time, the federal government is 100%
Constitutionally nullified. They operate completely outside
it's definitions, and is criminally rogue.

If we continue to live by the Constitution, WE THE PEOPLE
are neither criminal nor rogue nor should be be terrorized
by the tyranny of nullified government.

It doesn't matter how they did it. We are armed, they are not. Law enforcement, the military are only 30% on board
with the nullification (if that). Liberals are unarmed and
paralyzed with PC.

Workarounds are most effective done from off the radar of
banks, financial institutions, or anywhere else where information about your
resources can be accessed on a computer. Use resources to
secure physical life sustaining resources.

To know when the end is tomorrow, keep an eye on the Mormon
church. They will shutter their missionary program and call
all of them home.

By the way, the Mormons are infiltrated with globalists like every other organization, but are Christian as a whole and by doctrine. Not Catholic worshipping the death of Christ on the cross, but celebrating the resurrection of Christ, and
his sacrifice for all of us, making resurrection possible.

Resurrection = spirit and body rejoined in perfect form for eternal life, after mortal death.

It's not mystical, it's more like stereo instructions.
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