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Message Subject Chemtrails over Chicagoland - consolidation thread
Poster Handle uscrusader1
Post Content
06-01-11 Chicago Chemtrail OPs - Cause: Racial negroid attacks on Caucasians - Race based biomedication eliminating any more summer reported problems!
Thread: Chemtrails in Chicagoland 6-1-2011

East-West line pattern finished about 10AM. Strong westerly winds are 'fanning out' the trails pretty good. This time they seem to extend further west(to compensate for the wind?).
Chicago Airspace Restriction NOTAM for the Chemtrail OP
6-1-11 notam
cct 6-1-11
 Quoting: uscrusader1

Dissimilar to the chemtrail pattern used 11-22-2009- preceeding the 3 day uncharacteristic fog that 'socked in' Chicago. Presumably for a cloaked joint DHS/AF air manuevers over the city.
Thread: Chem Trails in Chicagoland

This time there were no north-south trails, only east-west extending more west(for the west to ease winds).
The flight pattern was 2 close trails(east-west) to the far north then two trails to the far south. This flight pattern was repeated moving towards the center of the city.

Altitude was 20-30,000ft? Higher than jets taking off from O'Hare and passing under the chemtrail jet, additionally there were jets cruising at a high altitude simultaneously as well.
Chicago Airspace Restriction NOTAM for the Chemtrail OP
6-1-11 notam

The airspeed was much faster than 11-22-2009, very difficult to keep a 50X spotting scope on it. But the trails were created at the middle of the trailing edges of the main wings where there were no engines(to create a contrail). Yes, same jet for all of +dozen runs, red fuselage, aluminum wings, but moving way too fast for a tail ID or getting the aircraft's model.

Interestingly, the other high altitude aircraft created contrails which disappeared after a dozen 'aircraft' length's. The chemtrails were visible until they 'wafted' downward and spread out to combine into an even light haze. Whoever calculated the distance between trails did a perfect job for even distribution.
 Quoting: uscrusader1

Steiner binoculars could not discern even an N number on the low flying jet, but then there are 'minimum' N number size requirements.
50X spotting scope could not discern any windows(even if they were there) or outside details of the high flying, high speed jet. Too fast and too high.
 Quoting: uscrusader1

Unlike you, who prefers to stick your head in the sand....

I think you should call the FAA and complain.


[link to www.faa.gov]

Yes, the FAA knows.

You don't set up a flight plan in the busy airspace between OHare and Midway airports without their knowledge... btw I'm going to be flying back and forth at 5 mile intervals the 50 mile length(N-S) of Chicago for the rest of the day, between your normally scheduled arrival and departure flights.
"Who is this?"
"You never got this request!"
 Quoting: uscrusader1

What you think we saw and what we've seen are two different things.
A 767 heavy with aerosol plumes from mid wing where there are no engines making 15-20 passes in a grid pattern over Chicagoland. Those plumes don't evap, they fall and mist together to form a contiguous airborn haze.
That one was easy(cloud seeding) Chicago was socked in with a uncharacterist fog for 3 days for cloaking DHS/AF interdiction practice.

The second happened after the rash of negro primitive predatory behavior in caucasion neighborhoods. Who knows what was in that brew. But the negro predation has slowed.
 Quoting: uscrusader1
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