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Message Subject Pentagon Warns of Conflict Over Chinese Buildup on Disputed Island ! Beijing asserts Scarborough Shoal is Chinese territory !!
Poster Handle Osmium76
Post Content
It is only a matter of time until something gives and all hell breaks loose.


We have;

China building islands, which are obviously for strategic military purposes.

NATO, EU and Russia butting heads.

North Korea threatening to nuke South Korea and the U.S.

Syria wanting Golan Heights back from Israel, with Russia aiding them in the ongoing fight there against rebels and ISIS in the region.

Iran strangely silent as of recent, like when you know one of your kids are up to no good because all of the sudden you can't hear them.

Cuba coming out of the cold.

Japan with it's ongoing problems, I.e. fukushima, earthquakes, and China territorial disputes.

ISIS and other factions terrorizing people globally.

Illegals, refuges and immigrants on the move globally.

That just cover only a small segment of some of the players in what is an obvious escalation into major global pandemonium.

It doesn't even touch on the policies being pushed or the other myriad internals and externals spiraling out of control.

Debt, Trade Policies, Earth Changes, Drought, Natural Disasters, Politics, Government Corruption, Religious Agendas, Poverty Issues, Technology, Science, Moral Decay, and Conflict Escalations on Multiple Global Borders to name many issues, are all simultaneously reaching a fever pitch.

All it takes is one little spark at the right moment and place to set this whole powder-keg of a world alight.

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