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Hip Hop mogul Birdman of YMCMB has recently admitted to being bisexual

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/30/2016 10:50 AM
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Hip Hop mogul Birdman of YMCMB has recently admitted to being bisexual
It started off with him going to an interview in New York at "The Breakfast Club" Power 105.1. When he got there, he had a good 8 or more goons with him, and he declares to the three radio personalities, "you better start putting Respect in my name" and continues to repeat it several more times until he walks out before the interview really even begins.

Soon after he calls up the breakfast club to apologize, and wants to sit back down with them to explain things better. Dj envy was down, but Charlamagne the God said he'd rather not.

The internet and social media went nuts with people mocking Birdman asking for "respeck!" etc., and making tons of different memes of him.

So Birdman proceeds to go on instagram and gives social media a long ass rant about how he is an OG and to respect him and also drops the fact that he is bisexual...

Will any other rappers, especially perhaps Lil Wayne and/or Young Thug, being coming out as bisexual soon? Will they be grilled about their deep relationships with now said "bisexual rap mogul OG"?

People have for a long time called Birdman and Lil Wayne gay for that legendary picture/video that shows them basically kissing each other on the lips. It was clear they always had an extremely close relationships, like father like son, but no1 knew exactly how deep that relationship went.

I also mention Young Thug because Birdman has recently been endorsing and running with him and well, they both are some different typa dudes.