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RACIST MIGRANT INVASION NEWS:AUSTRIA Nurse sexually assaulted in her car at traffic stop GERMANY Boy Kicked to death,perps brown skin-black hair

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United States
05/15/2016 02:52 PM

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RACIST MIGRANT INVASION NEWS:AUSTRIA Nurse sexually assaulted in her car at traffic stop GERMANY Boy Kicked to death,perps brown skin-black hair
***MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE*** – Rolling Coverage Of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

[link to www.breitbart.com]

15/05/2016 – VIENNA, Austria – Nurse assaulted

A 34-year-old nurse was assaulted as she stopped her car at traffic lights on her way home from work, when three “dark skinned men” burst into her car. With one of them sitting behind her and grabbing her by the hair, the others set on the woman, which she decribed as having “hands and tongues everywhere”.

The nurse said “I will never feel safe again”, remarking that “no passers-by helped me” and it took police 20 minutes to arrive, reports Heute.

15/05/2016 – BONN, Germany – 17 Year Old Murdered
A 17-year-old in Germany has been brutally murdered, with the police admitting the main suspects have “brown skin type” and black hair as they desperately search for witnesses.

The youngster ‘Niklas P’ was beaten to death in Bonn, being knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly. His girlfriend was also attacked as she tried to go to his aid. Several days later, the police began distributing leaflets in Turkish and Arabic in an attempt to find witnesses and the perpetrators. There is a €3,000 Euro reward for information leading to their capture.

Anti mass migration groups planned a march for the weekend after rumours the killers were recently arrived migrants.

Read more in Die Welt.

13/05/2016 – STUTTGART, Germany – Muslim elected as parliament speaker for first time
Muhterem ArasMuhterem Aras, a Green Party politician, is originally from Turkey. She took the post in Baden-Württemberg from a member of the anti-immigration AfD party on Wednesday.

“We wrote history today”, she proclaimed after her victory, the Independent reports.

13/05/2016 – BAVARIA, Germany – Migrants Smuggled “Like Cattle”
Police in Bavaria say that migrants were smuggled into the country via commercial trucks ” like cattle.” Four men are in court for smuggling Iraqi and Syrian nationals and are said to have organized at least 20 such smuggling trips. The four men could face lengthy prison terms if convicted, reports Spiegel Online.

13/05/2016 – VIENNA, Austria – Migrant Attempts to Rape Cyclist
Yet another attack in Vienna’s famous Prater park has involved a migrant, who attempted to rape a 48-year old woman who was riding her bike. The 21-year-old migrant from Algeria was fought off by the woman and fled after a passer-by attempted to intervene.

Police found the migrant near the crime scene and arrested him Kronen Zeitung reports.

13/05/2016 – Germany – Private Security Booming Due to Migrant Crisis
The migrant crisis has led to a boom for private security companies who can’t fill vacancies fast enough to guard migrant homes. Around 235,000 people in Germany now work in the sector and there are around 15,000 vacancies. The industry has reported a revenue of seven billion euros in the past year reports N-TV.

The haste to fill positions has led to some questionable recruiting decisions in Germany, as Breitbart London has reported. Many of the new guards are recently arrived migrants themselves with no qualifications and who can barely speak German. Christian refugees have fared particularly badly under their Muslim guards, and there have been reports of bullying.

13/05/2016 – SICILY, Italy – Italian Police Arrest Migrant Sex Traffickers
Police in the Sicilian town of Catania arrested 13 Somalian migrants accused of trafficking migrants and holding them for ransom while making them work as sex workers. The Somali’s held the migrants against their will in rented apartments and forced family members abroad to pay for their release Spiegel Online reports.

Endlessly more in link

User ID: 70967670
United States
05/16/2016 10:55 PM

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Re: RACIST MIGRANT INVASION NEWS:AUSTRIA Nurse sexually assaulted in her car at traffic stop GERMANY Boy Kicked to death,perps brown skin-black hair
racist wtermelon