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Busted! Anderson Cooper Caught Protecting #CrookedHillary Clinton (VIDEO)

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05/16/2016 10:38 AM
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Busted! Anderson Cooper Caught Protecting #CrookedHillary Clinton (VIDEO)
CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Democratic strategist Angela Rye are CAUGHT PROTECTING “Crooked Hillary” by challenging Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany’s “widely reported” story of Hillary’s actions in her court-appointed defense of an accused child rapist.

Kayleigh McEnany: “Hillary Clinton blamed the victim. #101 when you are dealing with rape cases, don’t blame the victim. She blamed a 12 year old girl, a 6th grade, 12 year old girl of seeking the attention of older men and fantasizing about being with older men. There’s audio…” (Anderson Cooper interrupts.)

Anderson Cooper: “Wait, we haven’t corroborated any of this. So, (stutter), I just think you should be very …” (Kayleigh McEnany interrupts)

Kayleigh McEnany: “It’s widely reported, It’s widely reported” (Talkover)

Anderson Cooper: “Widely reported says the National Enquirer widely reported. (Talkover) Widely doesn’t mean anything. It’s not on this network I would point out.”

[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com]
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