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Message Subject Me Street Preaching In Front of Local Abortion Clinic -- 10 videos included
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Abortion is wrong. Maybe there is some circumstance where it is a medical necessity, maybe, and that's the only excuse I could ever see made for it.

People adopt, so why not make them happy, make someone else who will love your baby as their own, happy.

I don't think people realize just how horrible abortion really is, they have not seen the actual process.

It's not some elective fucking procedure, and it's not a "no big deal" action to take.

That said, I really looks like OP is caricaturing himself as some buffoonish zealot, hollering at a friggin' building ffs, and then shouting down someone who actually tries interacting with him.

C'mon, how are you gonna actually reason with anyone like that? You won't convince anyone opposed to join your side and stop abortions.

Or are you just interested in drawing attention to yourself: "Look at me! I'm acting righteous! Videotape it!".

Or are you just interested in those who do wrong being punished and yelled at, instead of actually trying to change their thoughts and behaviors?

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