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Message Subject Me Street Preaching In Front of Local Abortion Clinic -- 10 videos included
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
10 short videos of me and my friend Josh street preaching in front of the Abortion Clinic here in Portland, Oregon:

Part 1: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 2: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 3: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 4: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 5: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 6: Woman confronts me in this one: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 7: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 8: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 9: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Part 10: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: trumpsupporter

You are a pathetic human being. Have you ever thought of how a woman feels to decide she must get an abortion? Would you rather she be forced to give birth to a baby that she will RESENT her whole life because people like you try to force your "religious" views on them? We live in a country that separates religion and law. Have some god damn respect for that and how you spouting your beliefs will change absolutely NOTHING in the mind of these women. How does a woman having an abortion effect YOU and your daily life. It DOESNT!!!! There are children in this world dying of starvation with mothers who wanted them. Why don't you actually do something productive and help people who NEED it and leave the women who utilize these clinics the hell alone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70707145

Women get abortions due to a variety of issues. But the main reasons are lack of money to raise the child, and the desire to continue living the single lifestyle.

Both reasons are due to the corrupt social engineering...the vile environment created by the evil controllers.

Women are therefore responsible for murdering a child that doesn't deserve to suffer..all because society is fucked up.

If we had a social system that protected and cared for each other, women wouldn't be getting abortions. We should be living in harmony ...not destroying because of selfish reasons.

Yeah, I know...society is the way it is. But people need to get their heads out their asses and see we are being lied to and brainwashed into accepting this sick society as normal
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