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Message Subject Did you know that a group of vampires rule the world in secret .
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Are you talking about Satanists and Draco Ets? They drink blood, to open portals and in the end, to maintain their form, because they're transforming into monsters.

Or, are you talking about the mistakes made in the first labs in Sumar, the human models they didn't stamp with approval?

And a kind of real vampire?

Or a creature under the earth?
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

Sungaze can you speak any more about the ones from the labs in Sumar?
 Quoting: Iset

They used annanuki DNA, meaning various species. Not all of them were viable and have thought this was one of the origins of the vampire.

But, there is something in the blood like dna, and in stem cells, spinal fluid, that also seems to help keep human form, for those who aren't human.

A friend of mine frequented a health food store in a mall. This wasn't where she usually shopped. The woman at the till gave her some samples for free. And they were liver cleanse I believe and a detox.

She thought they had a tracking device in the samples, but if they were ET they wouldn't need them.

That night she came to on a gurney. They had taken a vial of some kind of green liquid from the base of her neck/spine. She was in a lot of pain. One woman who was tending her said, "You're hurting her!"

The woman who gave her the samples looked at her as if she was useless now, and then injected the green fluid into her leg.

My friend said she had looked reptilian until she did that, in which case she was recognized.

I've been on guard about that store ever since.

And what a terrific operation. Its never very busy, doesnt seem to be making as much money as the others, has less space and less stock.

Seems someone wants to pick and choose healthy specimen, those who take time to buy alternative health products.

The thing about the sumar labs is they weren't so much mixing annauki with cavemen, and the missing link.

It was nerfing humans from the solar system, and toning down more advanced cosmic humans.

A friend keeps talking about being a child in those labs and that his mother forced him to stay on this planet. And it would be easy to ignore, except that he knew my friend, said they spent past lives together, heard my mothers voice and burst into tears for half an hour and claimed she was an archangel. And on another forum, went on someone's thread and named her an an unusual name from Atlantis times.

She wrote to me and told me that she knew that was one of her names through regression and wanted to know what I knew about him.

Earth's history is ET and there seems to be sides.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

oh dear lord...


thank your for responding Sungaze

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