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Message Subject Did you know that a group of vampires rule the world in secret .
Poster Handle Daozen
Post Content
A friend of mine frequented a health food store in a mall. This wasn't where she usually shopped. The woman at the till gave her some samples for free. And they were liver cleanse I believe and a detox.

She thought they had a tracking device in the samples, but if they were ET they wouldn't need them.

That night she came to on a gurney. They had taken a vial of some kind of green liquid from the base of her neck/spine. She was in a lot of pain. One woman who was tending her said, "You're hurting her!"

The woman who gave her the samples looked at her as if she was useless now, and then injected the green fluid into her leg.

My friend said she had looked reptilian until she did that, in which case she was recognized.

I've been on guard about that store ever since.

And what a terrific operation. Its never very busy, doesnt seem to be making as much money as the others, has less space and less stock.

Seems someone wants to pick and choose healthy specimen, those who take time to buy alternative health products.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

I've heard similar stories from reliable sources. The game is very dark.

Can you tell me when it happened?
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