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Subject My name is Philip (3D Human) I'm trying to make contact with brave, benevolent, hero ET's, Aliens and True Light Beings
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Hello : ) brave, benevolent, hero Aliens, Extra Terrestrials & True Light Beings I have specifically chosen to make contact with on my laptop. My name is Philip Piquet Vargas I am a 3D Human Indigo Star Seed True Light Being of Love and Compassion. I have been sent through many black holes by the evil Draconians & Reptilians into realities where I am unknown to everyone. They have turned me into a 1D Grey/Robot with their advanced technology and put me in Inception (dreaming in Hell in One Metallica.) Please I beg and ask of you Aliens, Extra Terrestrials & True Light Beings, I have specifically chosen on my lap top. Work together for good, love and heroism and fight/combat this pure evil Draconian and Reptilian nonsense. And wake me up from Inception, create and mold me into a higher 4th or 5th dimensional female Atta of the Light, put me back in the reality or universe I originally came from or was born in and follow, monitor, protect and shield me from these Draconian and Reptilian evil pieces of crap. Love, Phil :0) Your little brother of the light from the child planet Earth. Dawning his awesome permanent Galactic Federation of Light tattoo on his lower neck forever! : ) As well as the awesome permanent Team Heaven beautifully placed on the right outer hand forever! : )

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