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Message Subject There never were any borders.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There aren't really any borders. You only think so.

"They", who control the geopolitical environment, don't think in borders, only control of the masses.

It's impossible to contain hundreds of millions of people inside prisons, so they let the people create their own prisons.
Give the people a map with some red lines on it, tell them they belong inside those lines and others on the other side of that line, and the people create their very own prison.
Simple as that.

The borders you think exist do so only because you think they exist. They are only being used to divide and concur.

It's all your power of creation that makes this possible.

It's a pity.
 Quoting: Searchalot

The deer walks from usa into canada

They have no jurisdiction

They never did

Usa and canada are fictional corporations

Fictions can't own land or control borders
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