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Message Subject Jamie Shupe, Oregon resident who identifies as neither male NOR female, becomes third gender and first legally NON-BINARY PERSON in the US!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A circuit court judge has ruled an Oregon man can legally identify as "gender binary."

Following a decision passed down by the Multnomah County judge, 52-year-old Jamie Shupe has become the first individual in the country to attain the legal classification of being neither male nor female. "I have my life back," Shupe stated after the court ruling last week. "I'm not a male. I'm not a female."

The decision is being lauded by gay activist organizations, who argue "classic gender markers don't fit everybody," and the court decision will serve to help people "exist without labels that don't accurately describe them."

Shupe, who refers to himself by the pronoun "they," called the ruling the "greatest victory of [his] life."

More at [link to www.churchmilitant.com]

Wasn't able to post the other link to the Guardian newspaper, but this contains the meat of the article. I don't even know what to say.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

long time ago i had a very old woman's medical book. in it was a statement that "ama church and gov told drs to choose at birth weather a person was male or female for statistical counting for gov for control from the church control". previous to that order people waiter until a child was 3 or 4 to decide gender do to their actions not what equipment one had
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