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St. Paul Libtards are Abusing Their Children with the Liberal Agenda

Lord Schlitz
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United States
06/24/2016 11:56 AM
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St. Paul Libtards are Abusing Their Children with the Liberal Agenda
In St. Paul, a 5-year-old boy with brainwashed liberal parents are raising him as a girl simply because he says he wants to be a girl! It is the top story on the St. Paul paper's news site (which cannot be linked here). The comments on the story from libtards are pure gold.

A 5-year-old simply does not have the knowledge, experience or maturity to announce that they are the opposite sex. It is no different than a kid sticking a towel down the back of his shirt and proclaiming to his parents that he can fly- kids have great imaginations. Parents are supposed to know better, and protect their small children.

Unfortunately, this child evidently has parents that are incompetent, and are intent on destroying their kid's future. This boy is yet another victim of liberal propaganda- it is simply poison to families. Of course, one of liberalism's goals is to destroy the family unit in favor of a collective of people dependent on government.

I just hope that when this kid puts the towel down the back of his shirt and says he can fly that they don't encourage him by taking him up on their roof and telling him to jump.

It should also be noted that giving small children autonomy is one of the documented steps that liberals are using to normalize pedophilia in the future.