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Subject The Elite ate scared little sniveling Cowards
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you think they aren't scared their plans will go wrong, you are mistaken.

The Vatican was told by the UN to change its teaching to make it look like the Vatican is simply folliwing the marching orders of the UN. Just the opposite is true.

They want a collapse, but on their timetable and slow so that there is not a panic. They are all about the slow burn and slow kill. It progresses in stages that they may carefully watch every stage.

They are truly frightened and cautious in this process. Because if anything goes wrong, centuries of planning the revived Roman world empire could be ruined.

But the angels have been released from the Euphrates river to prepaid the way of the kings of the east.

The beast that was, was no more, and yet is again is here now. And there is one thing--Gog and Magog have been unleased.

This is the End. This is the Time. You are seeing the ultimate barrage of all world forces combining to destroy Christianity from this earth.

The Vatican is in on it. Islam is in on it. The east is in on it. The US and UN is in on it. All the armies of tge world are being combined against the Ram. All of them.
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