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Message Subject The Elite ate scared little sniveling Cowards
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Then what is the illuminati and and Masonry, you ask?

Controlled opposition, plain and simple.

They practice the magick of the Ob and the Od, the white and black stones. This means that dialectically they use both hands.

They can begin a social movement opposing the Catholic Church in order to change the Catholic Church into what they want it to be. It is all about keeping catholics under control and outside pressure.

First it is, We must apologize to homosexuals. Next it will be, We must commune and ordain homosexuals. And piece by piece, Babylon whores herself out to all. And if the world be convinced that the Pope is the Voice of Christ, all the better.

Fact is that the Pope is the one single voice stated in Scripture to be the very voice of Satan on this earth in every lie.
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