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Message Subject D-WAVE X2 Quantum Computing explained with documentation and explains the Mandela Effect (video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
THe D Wave computer can run more than 600 times faster than the fastest supercomputer.

However give a computation to a super computer that would take 10,000 years to solve, and the D wave quantum computer will only take seconds.

... technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration ...

"In fact, a quantum computer with 300 qubits could run more calculations in an instant than there are atoms in the universe."
 Quoting: Me114

Firstly let me thank you for the explanation.

One question remains always for me:
ok these computers are SO FAST....

but exactly WHAT are they computing????
WHAT equation takes 10 000 years to compute?????

What are they doing?

Yes, ok 0 and 1 at the same time ...
but what is the task that takes 10 000 years????

Can anyone tell me what they compute?
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