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Message Subject D-WAVE X2 Quantum Computing explained with documentation and explains the Mandela Effect (video)
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Oh my God, I forgot to give credit to where I found this video!

It was posted on: Thread: Official Mandela Effect Think Tank. Code Potentially Cracked? (Page 55)


User ID: 71719409
United States
07/01/2016 04:53 AM

 Quoting: Me114

Great thread, Me114!

Glad you gave credit to the "Think Tank" Mandela
Effect thread--it has a wonderful collection of
theories and a good discussion base. I've put
my thread up on there, too. This is one I have
up tonight:
Thread: Something Strange: Pope Frances Present in U.S.(Week of Tetrad Moon 9-28) as LIGO Detects "Gravitational Waves"--Reason Boehner Wept? Video

My thoughts on this...and this is NOT to say that
the D-Wave Super Computer couldn't affect reality
I really don't know enough about it to comment. But
I would just throw out there that in order for there
to be "ripple-in-space-time" there must be MASSIVE
amounts of energy. I'm talking about Comet Neat--
TWICE THE SIZE OF JUPITER doing a "gravity dance" with
our sun in 2003--which can't really even be calculated
as far as the "tork-affect' on our local space-time.
Here is the video to give you an idea:

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
Comments about the 2003 fly-by of Comet "Neat"
which would have had a massive gravitational effect
on our planet as it "danced" with our star. Watch
that video on "Gravitational Waves" posted above
and substitute this HUGE comet and the sun with the
two marbles the animator is showing you for the
"ripple-effect" on the fabric of space-time reality.

So, to give little humans with their very limited affects
on powers the size of that which I'm speaking of in
the 2003 event, I think you are giving way too much
credit to an earth-based cause for the "Mandela Effect."

It's an interesting theory, however, and I'll definitely
look into your video! Thanks for the 'Heads-up!"

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