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Message Subject D-WAVE X2 Quantum Computing explained with documentation and explains the Mandela Effect (video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's what I think about Mandela effect...

We already know that quantum entangled particles effect each other over distance, instantaneously. No time involved. Observe one particle, the other changes/responds immediately.

The Mandela effect, I believe is an observable response to the manipulation of a quantum system in which the quantum particles are entangled "through" time.
For example, the Berenstain/stein bears. I think that in these cases, the "ideas" are entangled and then observed/manipulated remotely...

I'll try and explain it more clearly.
The IDEA that Berenstein Bears is spelled a certain way (doesn't matter which way in this example) exists in, lets say, 2 different "times" - 1987 and 2016.
I think that it is possible to entangle the IDEA from one time with the same IDEA in another time. Perhaps as "time" progresses, IDEAS develop such entanglements naturally in a similar manner to how the useage/definitions of words/languages naturally evolves over time. Indeed, it appears all systems naturally move towards a state of maximum entropy, so it might follow that entanglements naturally increase/or become more aware within the collective unconscious.

In some way, the IDEAS being held in the collective unconscious are being changed by an observer interacting with an IDEA's different potentials, thus changing the expression of that IDEA in reality. No one is going around physically replacing the books with a different spelling. The force that generates the reality we currently experience is being manipulated. But apparantly not everyone is experiencing the exact same reality, so this must introduce some amount of uncertainty in the physical expression.

What does this point to though? I think this is the more important issue. Time can't be viewed linearly in my explanation. 'Everything' 'must' be 'happening' 'now'.
Also, the uncertainty in output (some remember berenstein, some remember berenstain) I think points to and reinforces the idea that consciousness isn't local and 'exists' outside of our current way of experiencing time.
It also points to and reinforces the belief that some preach that reality is an illusion, and can be manipulated remotely.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 66186043

Thinking more upon it now, I think there's a link to Planck time and the fluctuation of 'existence'.. as physical reality blinks in and out of existence, awareness persists. This awareness is the observer, this is what "we" really "are" when the illusions are gone. The non-congruent changes to reality are things that take place 'behind the scenes' during the blink 'off' state.
Why though? I see dominoes falling, so I think that indicates that what is happening, although it seems insane to "us" "now", is entirely a natural progression.
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