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Message Subject D-WAVE X2 Quantum Computing explained with documentation and explains the Mandela Effect (video)
Poster Handle Me114
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Thank you for your research and excellent links, hankie.

Here is a link for us: [link to www.gizmag.com]

Quantum computing breakthrough: Qubits made from standard silicon transistors

Dario Borghino October 6, 2015

In what is likely a major breakthrough for quantum computing, researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have managed for the first time to build the fundamental blocks of a quantum computer in silicon. The device was created using standard manufacturing techniques, by modifying current-generation silicon transistors, and the technology could scale up to include thousands, even millions of entangled quantum bits on a single chip.


Last year, UNSW scientists were able to create single "CMOS type" qubits that leveraged current transistor technology and silicon-28, a very common isotope of silicon, to achieve a very high fidelity of 99.6 percent for quantum operations. Now, the researchers have built on this to create what's known as a CNOT quantum logic gate. Together with a single controllable qubit, this is the basic building block of a quantum computer, and paves the way to quantum chips that can perform just about any operation.


The real power of this breakthrough is not in a slightly higher operational temperature, but in the fact that these basic building blocks of quantum computers were built by doing simple modifications to current-generation silicon transistors. The researchers say they have worked out a way to extend this technique to a much larger number of qubits, even numbering in the thousands of millions, all reported to be fully entangled.



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