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Message Subject Anxiety, nervousness and panic attack in odd situations?
Poster Handle Agent Smith 2014
Post Content
This has been going on for sometime now. I'll get overwhelming anxiety and panic symptoms in certain random situations like for instance going to get my hair cut. I'll be sat in the barber chair feeling like i'm going to pass out the whole time and my palms get sweaty and there is just an overwhelming feeling of dread.

Sometimes it happens when I'm lifting weights too. In the middle I'll just come over with a load of nervous energy and feeling of dread and feel really anxious and have to stop.

Walking down the street 5 minutes to the shop/store too it happens sometimes in the middle of walking i'll start feeling like i'm going to pass out in the middle of the street, i get blurry vision and panic attack symptoms and have to rush back home to sit down then it calms down.

I'm pretty sure its not SOCIAL anxiety because in other situations that people might get anxiety about like approaching a girl to get her number or being around a group of people or going out for a drink to a bar i don't get anything. I can just do those things normally. It's when i'm on my own it happens.

It's pretty unbearable to live like this and nothing i've tried so far works. I don't want to take medication or pills. Please help LOL
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72495449

Make sure you are getting the correct amount of minerals like Magnesium, along with all other vitamins. I would say its probably ectopic heart beat, or when your heart skips to keep its correct timing. Magnesium is a potential fix for this as it helps regulate the electrical timing signals of the heart.
Only reason i say this is when you have an ectopic beat it does make you feel like you described.
Also drink plenty of water. Exercise. yada yada...
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