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Message Subject Anxiety, nervousness and panic attack in odd situations?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Your soul is telling your psyche that you're on the wrong path in your personal Labrynith.

This doesnt mean u need a new house r new job or new friends. Those things are usually harmless....

It's you who is on the wrong path. You're awake to the world, but still asleep to yourself.

Everything you trust as normal about yourself is psyche propagnada. You're confident? No, you're the opposite. Its just a compensation.

You hate when others are mean? That's projection. It's your self who you hate when youre mean.

And you have alot of repressed memories of being isolated and terrorized by close family as a kid, which you hide away to avoid crying and talking about them.

Any torture needs to be told as its story, its how the brain gets healthy.
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