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Had this dream once.....

User ID: 76346
12/26/2006 11:45 PM
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Had this dream once.....
Had a spiritual feel to it. Very nice and upbeat. Was sitting next to someone who was my really good friend, although in real life had never met or seen him before. One of those close intimate alliances one forms in life, with no way to explain how it happens, it just is. Kindred feel to it, yeah, kindred.

We were attending a spiritual meeting of some kind, learning about something, and although it was very informal (i think we were sitting on metal folding chairs LOL) it was significant in content. In the middle of the meeting, he leaned into me and said his chest was beginning to tighten (emotional response?), so he stood up to excuse himself, then I got up noticing he was about 4 or 5 inches taller than myself. Anyway, he said he had to leave, go outside and get some air. Very polite gentleman. He went outside and that's all there was to the dream.

about a week later, I saw a photo of someone who looked exactly like the one in my dream. After some time, we met, and he's been one of my treasured friends ever since.