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A Conservative movement has begun in Australia

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07/07/2016 07:45 PM
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A Conservative movement has begun in Australia
If the last federal election has shown us anything it is don't fuck with the conservatives in Australia. Nearly a week after the election and technically we still haven't got a majority government. The traditional political home of conservatives in Australia, the Liberal Coalition party, failed to offer any policies of real substance and continuously pushed (led by our PM "Turncoat" Turnbull) left wing policies which I know for a fact alienated a lot of diehard life long conservatives of the Liberal party who showed their disgust by voting for more independent's and minor parties this election that ever before in Australian history. Turnbull was so confident going into the election that the conservatives would follow the party line as we always have that he ignored us completely and paid the price for it. Sure the libs will no doubt form a minority government but it is a far cry from when traditional conservative former PM Tony Abbot won by a landslide in the last election.

Finally conservatives are realising that the Liberal Coalition is not the party for us anymore and that arguing and fighting amongst ourselves in our small independent parties is not the way. Enter senator Cory Bernadi and his idea of creating a unified conservative party in Australia. Thank Fuck! Its about time we finally had a true conservative party and start actively fighting left wing scum groups like GetUp! I hope like hell this is the start of a real conservative movement here in Australia for the sake of our kids and theirs.

[link to www.theaustralian.com.au]