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Black Lies Blather - A Craigslist Report...

Hey Fellers...!
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United States
07/10/2016 02:45 PM
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Black Lies Blather - A Craigslist Report...
I found this on Craigslist...!
I've worked technical services in St. Louis and Chicago in years past, and the problem is, sometimes you have to go work on HVAC systems, or electrical, or elevators, at all hours of the day. It finally got to the point that to be able to reliably go from my service truck to the job site, I had to open carry my .45, and if it was night, I had my toolbag in one hand, and my pistol grip mossberg 500 in the other.

Black Lives Matters is a militant racist group supporting a criminal minority that commits a majority of crimes. When cops gun these idiots down, it is because they were either committing a crime, or DID NOT COMPLY when told to GET ON THE GROUND.

I remember reading about some white community activist that thought living in deepest darkest Baltimore was a good idea. He lasted 2 weeks before they killed him.

I've tried to find videos or news reports of any other group committing these sort of atrocities in anything close to these numbers, and there is nothing.

These 'inner city' areas are WAR ZONES. Don't believe me? Go to youtube and look up 'Don't Make the Black Kids Angry', or Colin Flaherty. He is the 'Drudge Report' of Black Mob Violence online. 5 times a day he's posting the latest reports of blacks committing every crime you can think of, often in mobs, and targeting people of all other races, although mostly white, in any neighborhood where they are the majority.

These N!qqers aren't likely to give up their guns...Why should you?

[link to images.craigslist.org]