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Subject Dallas Shooting- 8 Points of a False Flag?
Poster Handle TriggerFish
Post Content
It’s interesting how quickly people pick up on these now. We have all of the same elements as in the last false flags under Obama’s direction:

1. Distraction from some unjust and illegal action recently taken by the government

2. A drill recently took place in the same vicinity

3. The use of the words “semi-automatic gun” is always used- usually they specifically name an AR-15.

4. The police and/or medics are always on the scene in a remarkably (unheard of in normal “real” situations) fast time

5. Reporters/camera crews are on the scene immediately with a perfect angle from which to film.

6. There is a divide and conquer tactic used to pit one group of people against another group and

7. The president speaks on the issue immediately.

Also, 8. numerology almost always plays into the situation.

This scenario seems to have all the elements. Now let’s analyze.

[link to victuruslibertas.com]
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