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Subject Testosterone makes you cocky, confident and ready to go balls out
Poster Handle Sea Reef
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Separating Winners from Losers

Biologists have a name for the testosterone-infused mentality that perpetuates a cycle of victory upon victory: the “winner effect.” And it works like this. Two animals square off for a fight. Whether they are cichlid fish, rhesus monkeys or humans, their T (Testosterone) levels rise, re-orienting their biological systems for the battle by increasing their strength, quickening their reaction times and reducing their fear. Then they go at it. And here’s where it gets interesting: The T levels of the winners spike, sometimes by as much as 1,000 percent. And the losers? Their T levels plummet by just as much. The next time the two face off, the winner, primed with testosterone, is much more likely to win. And the loser to lose.


Just as there is biology to winning there is biology to losing. Call it the “loser effect.” Not only did Altucher’s testosterone likely drop, robbing him of confidence, motivation and energy, but another hormone kicked in—cortisol. A spike in cortisol has nearly the opposite effect of testosterone, turning people into stressed-out irrational pessimists who panic and quit.

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