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Subject Animal Lovers Rescue Two-Legged Stray Dog and Her Puppies
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
an amazing show of kindness, compassion, and love, animal lovers from across the world have worked together to save the life of Si Bao, a two-legged stray dog from China, and her recently born puppies.

Si Bao’s story came to light just a week ago in February thanks to the Daily Mail, whose post garnered nearly 20,000 shares.

While Si Bao has been living on the streets in the Shaxi Province of China for a few years now, she wasn’t always a stray. At one time, she had both a guardian and a home.

However, her guardian abandoned her after he moved out of the neighborhood, leaving her to fend for herself on the streets like so many other animals in the town and the country. China as a whole is estimated to have 130 million stray dogs roaming its streets.

As the Daily Mail reports, many of these animals are “victims of a growing [urbanization] that has seen millions of people move into high-rise buildings with little room for pets.”

Life is undeniably tough for a stray animal in China already with the threat of abuse, extermination, starvation, and disease always at hand. Yet for Si Bao, life became even more difficult after she was involved in an accident two years ago and lost both of her rear legs to a speeding train near Kouguan railway station in Datong.

While Si Bao must put on a brave face through yet another sadness and difficulty, happiness and comfort is soon on its way to her and her surviving pups as they will all be adopted into forever homes upon their full recovery!

Touched by Si Bao’s story, Animals Asia Founder and CEO Jill Robinson has decided to adopt Si Bao herself. The strongest pup is set to be taken in by a family in Norway and if Si Bao’s third pup is able to pull through, a kind soul in Toronto, Canada will take her baby in.
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