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Message Subject WARNING-GRAPHIC-Live video footage of aftermath in france - WARNING - GRAPHIC-Does this look like a false flag event?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
False flag does not mean hoax.

There may be hoaxed elements within a false flag.

Many false flags utilize patsies who may or may not know that they are committing a violent and or terroristic act.

Here is one example.

Government A has foreknowledge that Government B is going to attack Government A. Government A could stop the attack, but instead decides to allow it to take place for internal and external political purposes.

Government B is blamed for the act and should be because Government B did it, but the real culprit is actually Government A, which acted as an accomplice to Government B.

another example

Government X has a voracious military industrial complex that refuses to be mothballed. Government X is filled with greedy unscrupulous politicians and civil servants who love money and hookers. These people are bought off by and collude with the voracious military industrial complex to churn up the war machine and keep it spinning...forever. Over decades they develop and nurture an amorphous threat that they call "terrorism". "Terrorism" is a self contained entity with thousands of very real bad actors...but they are all pawns. The actual planning and strategizing of "terrorism" is born within the military industrial complex of

Government X
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