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Message Subject WARNING-GRAPHIC-Live video footage of aftermath in france - WARNING - GRAPHIC-Does this look like a false flag event?!
Poster Handle shadow visionary
Post Content

 Quoting: JimBomB

YUP definitely bogus terror attack.

happened less then 10 days before france was about to lift the emergency state on which was planned for 26 july.

Look at that now they can extend it 3 more months.

I wonder sometimes if people have brains or crap in thier heads.

I wonder I just wonder...

But it will backfire on the france president especially when the french will vote for the rascist party of le pen to punish him for his incompetence as leader of that nation.

This is what I call a PR campaign for the president since he has been soooo unpopular remember the fench riots in paris this year...

Read between the lines.

Those 80 people were offered as sacrifice for the demon or devil that they are worshipping.

Cretae the problem offer the solution blah blah blah create terror to control the brain dead...

This is fresh food for the zombified retards that are filling this world.

Count me out to endorse or believe this horeshit.

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