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Message Subject How does a creator reality work?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've been having negative feelings at my workplace for years now and they manifest all around me. How does this work exactly? Are the people around me actually reacting negatively to me or is it just my perception? If we're all creator beings then surely they are also creating their own reality and are not completely in tune with mine.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2147547

Your Attitude, Is Your Destiny!... Until You Change It!
The world around you!
And the world inside of you!
Is a video & audio display!
Emerging from your own infinite imagination!
What you are witnessing... from moment to moment!
Is a direct experience... of your own infinite alive / living imagination!
Your Attitude, Is The Environment! ~ In Which You Live In!
You Feel... Whatever You Pay Attention To!...
And If You Pay Attention!... For Long Enough!?
You Will Become... That... Which You Pay Attention To!
For Where You Place Your Attention!? ~ Is What You Manifest!
Your Divine Attention Is Your Gift! ~ You Are Magical Paradise!


 Quoting: powerofsoul

so, basically, my imagination is creating YOU, so you can post this on GLP...
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