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Message Subject [**MEGA TRUTH**] The Ongoing Story of You Know Who - Decoded and Extracted from Fake "News" and Media
Poster Handle the path
Post Content

Ooh nice thread, thanks fella

 Quoting: Centurionx

yes i said on several thread
and suprisingly many is in sync

some poster said Zarif
i said it is close to syarif

some poster said Abyss
long ago i said Him related to Nunu and Him child nick
if it is not western location,maybe normal eastern worded
will be "Kenu" = nu from nunu name,
which suprisingly, one movie star, and mostly play a role
as nbody is Keanu -> matrix etc

whats more is:
because the weighted word of Him some of it
about 2 side, 2 keys
it can be destroyer or healer

and lastly some poster i forget seems the Cypruss guy
he posted about some other weighted word of what he
believe about him, but when i check the number what he
said even if the OP not posted it, it is about number 176

woooow what coincidence !!

then i check the G word the meme G word that always posted
on GLP, then i remember Uppercase G is Ascii number Hex 47

what interesting is i posted number G 176
which basically fit with above means
G=Him , is 176 (amnesia) or back to Zero

and related to 4 7 7 4 which answer lies in cancer ( 6 9 )
 Quoting: the path
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