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Message Subject [**MEGA TRUTH**] The Ongoing Story of You Know Who - Decoded and Extracted from Fake "News" and Media
Poster Handle the path
Post Content

Ooh nice thread, thanks fella

 Quoting: Centurionx

yes i said on several thread
and suprisingly many is in sync

some poster said Zarif
i said it is close to syarif

some poster said Abyss
long ago i said Him related to Nunu and Him child nick
if it is not western location,maybe normal eastern worded
will be "Kenu" = nu from nunu name,
which suprisingly, one movie star, and mostly play a role
as nbody is Keanu -> matrix etc

whats more is:
because the weighted word of Him some of it
about 2 side, 2 keys
it can be destroyer or healer

and lastly some poster i forget seems the Cypruss guy
he posted about some other weighted word of what he
believe about him, but when i check the number what he
said even if the OP not posted it, it is about number 176

woooow what coincidence !!

then i check the G word the meme G word that always posted
on GLP, then i remember Uppercase G is Ascii number Hex 47

what interesting is i posted number G 176
which basically fit with above means
G=Him , is 176 (amnesia) or back to Zero

and related to 4 7 7 4 which answer lies in cancer ( 6 9 )
 Quoting: the path

 Quoting: the path

2 sides/doors, one key unlocks them both. What do you think that key is?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78217144

1st Love
2nd the Past

this is his past
he back to his past (to 0 to get 1+)

because no way 6 Light being warn the old soul
so do 3 Dark/Tech being warn her
and both light and dark(tech) said they are His Servant
unless this is his past

i start to understand why dark thing only warn her
and light warn old soul

her is clearly Quantum AI related

So at the end the knower also knew
He already win, this realm is his dream / hist past

He is another level
but Amnesia
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